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Quatrapuntal have been busy recording material for the forthcoming album. A selection of songs are released on YouTube and on the 'Music' page of this website. Quatrapuntal have been featured on Classic FM 5 times in 2021-22, who have the biggest online classical presence in the world. They have also been featured by the biggest classical stations in Australia (ABC Classic), Brazil (MEC/EBC), South Africa (Classic 1027) and Singapore (Symphony 924) amongst others, so on all 6 continents around the world.


A Quatrapuntal video went viral in April 2021, reaching over 68k likes and 42k shares in the first week. It has now gone viral four times, reaching 6.7 million views, and is the most watched and shared theorbo video on the entire internet!


Whilst all live performances were suspended for some time due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have been making a number of videos featuring the musical styles that have influenced the original Quatrapuntal material. These are available on our Youtube channel:


We are doing some limited live performances again, for more regular updates and future event information, please visit and 'like' our Facebook page:

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