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Audience Comments

The following is a small selection of the many genuine comments from members of the public, either commenting on Quatrapuntal videos online (Youtube or Facebook mainly) or following a live performance.

Beautiful sound, wonderfully gifted player ... this share has made my day, thank you.


Impeccable from beginning to end. Very inspiring and intricate piece of music … magnificent.


Wow! Wonderful piece. Wonderful performance.


Beautiful sound from a great musician and exotic instrument.


What eloquence, finnesse and sensibility, dexterity and virtuosity.


His music can take you wherever you want to go in your mind.


Wow...that's just gorgeous, what a great way to wake up. Thanks!


Mesmerizing in every way.


Not sure I’ve ever seen a more amazing performance.


Gorgeous!.....thank unique!


Fabulous piece of music played by a virtuoso. Wonderful.


Wow, this is amazing! I love how fast his hands move and that he makes it look incredibly easy! Inspirational!


Simply lovely in all respects! beautiful playing, tone, composition, everything! 


Excellent job! Very good sound quality too! More please!


Can’t stop listening to this! Beautiful!


Beautiful. Played it over and over! Love listening to you.


Awesome!!! That was gorgeous and absolutely captivating. Thank you so much for your artistry.


This music is absolutely delightful to listen to, I'm looking forward to more from you! Great singing, her voice is lovely.


Great video and beautiful music! What is it what we want more! Enjoyed it very much!

Breathtakingly wonderful...


This is brilliant! I love your take on fado!


Absolutely magical, great job, guys! The instruments mix amazingly well, voice is expressive and harmonies are super reflective. Wonderful!


Thank you for this lovely, evocative piece. The combination of instruments brings out the texture of the composition beautifully, a deep relief for Polly Green's beautiful singing, not merely a backdrop.


This deserves 100 million + views.

Wow that voice is like crystal just beautiful. Great video. New sub here wonderful stuff excited to hear more from your channel.


I just listened to "Snowbound". Wonderful, sophisticated work!


Intricate music played flawlessly on this incredible instrument. Bravo!


Breathtaking... simply stunning performance... look forward to more...


Excellent performance! You make it look so easy, which it certainly is not.


What a wonderful sound! Masterful playing on such a beautiful instrument.


Thank you for a memorable evening of music making - very ambitious and completely absorbing. Well done all.

This sounds great. Thanks. Keep up the good work. The German theorbo sounds very convincing [from lutenist Nigel North].


Bravo lovely playing and thought-provoking to hear and read all these comments [from lutenist Elizabeth Kenny].

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